Our signature Blues Burger - blue cheese, roasted peppers and avocado


Our Meat

Our custom all-beef hamburger meat contains no fillers (gluten free), only a little seasoning. It comes from locally raised, grass-fed cattle, which produce the best quality beef and is delivered several times a week, allowing us to prepare our burger patties daily. You can taste the difference that a fresh, quality product makes in a burger!

Our Burgers

Our Signature Burgers are created with topping combinations that our customers keep asking for. These popular choices have been added to our menu for everyone to enjoy. We offer the ability to Build Your Own burger with toppings of your choice.

Feature Burgers are uniquely designed by our staff, based upon the season and the availability of ingredients. Appearing periodically for a few days, our Feature Burgers add variety to our offerings.

We also offer the substitution of delicious soya burger on any of our Signature Burgers. And we offer gluten-free buns at no extra cost.


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Stratford, Ontario
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